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Perfect climate control

Opening Roofs on the Central Coast

The innovative LouvreTec Opening Roofs provides the ultimate in climate control for your patio or leisure area. Adding valuable extra living space and a dramatic architectural effect, it creates the ideal blend of ventilation, shade and controllable protection from the wind, rain and sun. 

Transform your deck or verandah into an all weather entertaining area. Cover your barbecue area or swimming pool to protect you from the sun. With a LouvreTec Opening Roof you can enjoy outdoor entertaining all year round, whatever the weather.

Each blade of the LouvreTec Opening Roofs turn through 180 degrees to allow full control in all weather conditions. Keep out of the glare of the sun while allowing the cool, fresh air to enter. As the sun moves, simply adjust the louvres to maintain the shade or have it done for you automatically - the LouvreTec Opening Roofs can be operated by hand or fully motorised with touch button control.

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